"The display of Italian ceramics is so beautiful it makes me drool! There's so much to see here I could spend all day. I want everything in the store! Everything in the store could be a thoughtful gift for someone. The owners obviously love what they do. Why would I shop at a department store?"
~Cloyce, Seattle, Washington

"I love this store! I buy all my gadgets here."
~Shauna, Renton, Washington

"This is my favorite store to buy gifts for my lady friends, and a few culinary-savvy guy friends as well. I can't even count the number of times I have walked out with gift wrapped boxes on my way to a shower, mother's day brunch, or other party. I love their stuff! I can easily spend an hour in there looking around and oogling all the beautiful decorative and practical kitchen stuff to add to my wish list."
~Shannon, Seattle, Washington

"This is such a delightful little shop. Sort of like a 3rd cousin to the Fireworks Gallery. Lots of unique items and lovely gift selections. The owners have great taste and seem to revel in keeping the store stocked with fun and useful items. You must visit this place if you're looking for a last-minute gift or want to be creatively inspired. What a wonderful addition to the Landing area!"
~Tami, Renton, Washington

"I've been to this location and the one in Old Town Burien where the smaller store still exists. This store is a kitchen gadget lovers dream and boy was I in heaven. I actually went to the Burien location first and when I found out the store on the corner moved to Renton, I had to make the drive to their new location too.

I was not at all disappointed - the drive was worth it. The new store is huge and carries a lot of goodies - from the smallest kitchen gadget to cookware, to the most beautiful hand painted Italian ceramic pieces which would be great for entertaining or just to display in your kitchen."
~Sharon, San Diego, California

"An A+ kitchen gadgetry store, with top brands and other cooking related goodies like sauces, spices and tableware. Very helpful staff. Its not a huge place, but so well stocked and so interesting, you could well spend an hour just browsing."
~Tres, Denver, Colorado

"This store is an absolute treasure hidden in the heart of old Burien. They have the best of Italy, from ceramics to food items. Whenever I'm stuck for a gift, I head here. They always have beautiful things that you don't see anywhere else. Not to mention that they are friendly and helpful, and it makes for a far more pleasant shopping place than the mall."
~T.W., Bellaire, Texas