I started Poggi Bonsi in 2001 after a dream vacation to Tuscany with my family. I fell in love with the simple but delicious food, fabulous wine, the lifestyle of blending work and family together, and the beautiful products created in small villages by artisans who have been practiced their crafts for generations. Perhaps because of my background in art and graphic design I was especially drawn to the brightly painted Italian pottery.

Poggi Bonsi is named for the Tuscan town of "Poggibonsi." On that first trip to Tuscany, we got lost every day and kept seeing signs directing us to "Poggibonsi" - it seemed as though all roads in central Tuscany lead to Poggi Bonsi. The name stuck with us because it is so fun to say and when I started my business it seemed to be a perfect fit. For more information about our name, please read our story, Why Poggi Bonsi?"

From 2003-2017 I ran a charming kitchen store in the Seattle area which showcased European brands and offered cooking classes. After travelling to Italy and France for many years and making contacts through importing items for my store, customers began to ask if they could come along on my buying trips. It was a natural transition to begin leading tours and sharing my passion for cooking, art, and culture.

Since closing my retail operation in 2017 my focus has been on organizing small group tours to Italy and France. Magic happens when a group of like-minded travelers spend a week together in an ancient villa immersed in local culture sharing wonderful food and wine.


Keli Sim DeRitis
Poggi Bonsi, LLC